What is LGBTQ+


Have you ever felt like the version of ‘you’ that you consciously put out into the world isn’t the same ‘you’ that’s in your heart. The version of you that you love the most. The vibrant, healthy, relaxed, confident you that’s bursting to be free and to show the world who you really are, in all your beautiful glory!


Have ever felt that gendered expectations have dominated your life for too long? Maybe you don’t want to live as man, maybe you prefer women’s clothing? Maybe you’re sexual orientation doesn’t ‘match’ your sex or gender? Maybe the real you is still being discovered?


Or maybe you are one of the many who have had their confidence and hopes of being happy smashed by the bullies and the bigots of the world. Maybe you’ve got to the point where you don’t think you can or should be you. I am working closely with the LGBTQ+ community to fight stigma and encourage people to be the best and happiest version of themselves, for themselves. And it doesn’t matter where on the spectrum you most identify with, if anywhere at all. I can help and support you to get you to wherever you wish to be.


Don’t let the bullies or your inner critic win. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, natural, healthy means of teaching yourself how to be you. It’s the exact opposite of aversion therapy, please see my blog (link) for more details. The hypnotherapy I offer is all about being the true you. The you that is living and breathing deep inside you. The you that may have felt repressed by others, either society of individuals. They say love is love, and that can only start with you. You can’t love yourself unless you’re really honest with yourself. I am here to support you through that journey, whichever direction that takes.

“I offer a safe, confidential space to discuss anything that may be causing you conflict or discomfort. There are no rights or wrongs and no expectations. I am not here to talk you in or out of any desicion, simply here to support and guide you to being the true, happy and healthy version of yourself.”


LGBTQ+ Therapist

I’m here to Help you


I work with both adults and children in the following areas:


— Gender dysmophia

— Transitioning mtf and ftm

— Understanding your true self

— ‘Coming out’ and dealing with the reactions of others

— Depression

— Suicidal thoughts

— Emotional support throughout your own personal journey

Hypnotherapy Session


— 1 to 1 session with Rachael Cann

— 1 hour of hypnotherapy

— Mp3 recordings of each session to use as a reference outside of therapy

— Self help booklet with relaxation techniques


£55 Per Hour